Monday, June 10, 2013

Next Windows Phone 8 update to include notifications centre

The next Windows Phone 8 update may well include a new notifications centre for Microsoft’s mobile OS, bringing it closer in line with Android and iOS.

An internal, unreleased Windows Phone 8 build has been found on a Reddit user’s recently purchased Nokia Lumia 920 handset and contains the first glimpse of a Windows Phone 8 notifications centre.

The new Nokia Lumia 920 owner posted the screenshots of the internal build, which is dated May 9, showcasing an early version of the Windows Phone 8 notification centre and how it appears in the settings.

The unreleased version of the Windows Phone OS was found on a Nokia Lumia 920 bought from eBay and could be the Windows Phone Blue update.

Microsoft has been working on a notifications centre for some time now, even admitting that it ran out of time to complete it before Windows Phone 8 was released last year.

Of course, Microsoft has said it “doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation” when asked directly about the screenshots, but they definitely look to be a plausible addition to the Windows Phone OS.

The screenshots also reveal that Microsoft could be working to improve Windows Phone 8 multitasking capabilities, including adding the ability to close apps from the multitasking view.

The calendar app should also get a redesign in the next Windows Phone update. From the internal build, we can see a new weekly view option that isn’t offered by current iterations of the OS.

It also shows a number of test applications including Wi-Fi, Power and Store that have a ‘Z’ in front of them in the applications listing.

Also, the build allows users to sort their applications by the name and the frequency of use.

Microsoft is releasing a Windows 8.1 preview on June 26, so we could see the Windows Phone Blue following in the next couple of months, complete with the new notifications centre.

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