Monday, June 10, 2013

iOS 7 unveiled with stripped back design...but looks rather familiar

Apple has taken to the stage in San Francisco at its annual WWDC event to announce the next iteration of its mobile platform dubbed iOS 7.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, branded iOS 7 "the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone", which shows you just how important this update is to the company.

Taking over from iOS 6, the new software will find its way onto iPod, iPhone and iPad devices bringing with it the biggest design overhaul since its conception in 2007 - a change which has been led by Apple stalwart Sir Jonny Ive.

It overhauls the icons, as we saw earlier today, but also offers new elements like transparency throughout the apps, meaning you can see images slide up behind heading and keyboards, giving a more unified feel.

It may be a shock to the system for dedicated Apple users who have become accustomed to the way iOS looks and works, but it's a revamp that the aging system desperately needed.

The new platform brings not only a visual makeover, but also offers a host of new features too.

Control Center is one of the big ones; swiping up from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad will bring up the new hub for loads of control throughout the device. This means you can control music, screen brightness, turning off the radios and even flicking on the flashlight for when you need to stalk around a house in the dark.

Airdrop is also now available, allowing you to share anything from an app that supports Share Sheet, with a quick tap showing up the friends that are nearby - with Apple claiming that there's 'No need to wander around the room bumping your phone with others.'

Safari has gained something of an update, with the same visual overhaul coming to the browser to allow dynamic resizing of the URL bar, giving you more space to see what's on the screen, as well as allowing you to slide back and forth through your browser history.

One cool feature is the updated bookmarks element, which sits on the start screen of the iDevice, and collates links posted through your Twitter friends in one place for easier information discovery.

The Tab system has been updated visually too - you no longer are limited to eight tabs open, as the new 3D rendering will allow you practically limitless tabs open at once, which will massively upset those that just love neatness.

It will allow iOS 7 to compete with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry in the coming years.


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